Danute Mileika  

Songs by Lithuanian Composers
DANUTE MILEIKA                                 EDMUND SAULIUS CIBAS
Mezzo Soprano                                          Piano

CD includes a 20 page booklet containing:
* Long Lyrics in Lithuanian with English Translations
* Biographies of Danute and Pianist Edmund Saulius Cibas
* Introductions to the Lithuanian Conposers

 "Songs by Lithuanian Composers" is a collaboration between two musicians, mezzo-soprano Danute Mileika and pianist Edmund Saulius Cibas, who have performed together and separately in the United States and Europe. A compilation of 20 songs, it demonstrates a wonderful variety of styles, from simple to classical and contemporary art songs.

Many of the songs are about love: a girl makes a wreath of flowers and leaves it in the road for her imaginary lover to find; two lovers enjoy a spring day; and a stranger on horseback seduces and betrays a girl named Ulijana. The songs explore a great range of emotion, from the pleasures of anticipation to the despair of a broken heart. The songs are sung in Lithuanian. The enclosed 20-page booklet includes the texts of the songs along with English translations and an essay about the composers.

"Songs by Lithuanian Composers" is an enjoyable introduction to Lithuanian music and culture for music-lovers of all nationalities.

Song  (Listen in red)                            Composer          Time 
1) Oi uzkilokit vartelius                     B. Dvarionas,     2:37 
2) Na tai kas                                     
K. Kaveckas      2:20 
3) Pradalgiuose                                  A. Kacanauskas 1:19 
4) Vai nekukuok                                S. Simkus           3:01 
5) Ulijana                                            A. Zigaityte        5:11 
6) Lankoje 
                                         B. Dvarionas      2:23 
7) Silagele 
                                          B. Dvarionas     1:07 
8) Vandens maluneliai                       
A. Stankevicius 1:57 
9) Pavasario daina                              A. Stankevicius 3:03 
10) Svajones                                      
G. Gudauskiene 3:14 
11) Serenada                                      
J. Govedas        3:19 
12) Akimis tau parasysiu                  
G. Gudauskiene 1:49 
13) Daug pavasariu                           
G. Gudauskiene 1:47 
14) Jaunyste                                       G. Gudauskiene 1:23 
15) Svelnumas                                    
A. Raudonikis   4:35 
16) As viska uzmirsau                        
V. Kairiukstis   3:15 
17) Susitikt tave noreciau velei          K. Kaveckas    3:02 
18) Kai jauna buvai                             A. Motuza        2:09 
19) Oi, didus, didus                            
A. Motuza         3:36 
20) Giesme i tyla                                
A. Raudonikis   3:20 










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